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More new winks added!

Added new Moody Baby Emoticons and Clouds Emoticons

Added new Halloween Cat Emoticons, Flirty Emoticons and Light Butterfly Emoticons

Added new Easter Bunny Emoticons for this coming Easter Holidays

Added new Giraffe Emoticons and Awesome Emoticons

Added new Orange Smiley Emoticons

Added new Soldier Emoticons

Added new Purple Smiley and Hearts Emoticons

Added new Olympic Pctograms Emoticons and Heart Emoticons

Added new Dink Emoticons and Sayings Emoticons

Added new Pencil Emoticons and Kitty Emoticons

Added new Cute Panda Emoticons and Black Dog Emoticons

Added new Girly Cat Emoticons and Famous Emoticons

Added New MSN Frog Emoticons and Strawberry Shortcake Emoticons.

New Crazy Monkey Emoticons and Hugs Emoticons have been added.

Added New Hand Emoticons and Elephant Dance Emoticons

Added New Emo Boy Emoticons And Emo Girl Emoticons

Added new Purple Alien Emoticons and Animal Expression Emoticons

Added new Captain Emoticons and Baseball Emoticons

Added New Frog Emoticons and Pepsi Emoticons.

New Cute Robot Emoticons has been added.

Added New Twerps Emoticons and Leprechaun Emoticons.

Check out the newly added Owl Emoticons, Panda Emoticons and Simpson Emoticons.

Added new Acorn Emoticons and Chinese Emoticons

Happy 2008 everyone! Added New Blue Bird Emoticons and Sheep Emoticons.

Check out the newly added Bunny Emoticons, Cute Love Emoticons and Bomb Emoticons

Added new Xmas Emoticons, Rudolf Emoticons, Snowman Emoticons, Bear Emoticons and cute Seal Emoticons.

Added new Pirates Flag Emoticons and Gargoyle Emoticons.

Added new Halloween Emoticons for the coming up Halloween Holidays. Also added new Chat Lingo Emoticons and Monster Emoticons.

Added New Toro Emoticons and Panda Fu Emoticons.

Added New Green Alien Emoticons, Zodiac Emoticons and Action Smiley Emoticons

Added New AIM Emoticons, Adiumicons Emoticons and Agree Emoticons.

Added New Baddies Emoticons and Everyday Emoticons

New Yellow Emoticons added.

New Onion Head Emoticons added.

Added new Fairy Emoticons and Girly Emoticons

Added New Cute Cat Emoticons, MISC Emoticons, Tweety Bird Emoticons and Dog Emoticons.

Added New Hello Kitty Emoticons, Black Cat Emoticons and Frog Emoticons.

New Cute Sun Emoticons created!

Check out the New Abstract Avatars, Funny Avatars and Baby Emoticons added.

New Crazy Emoticons, Assorted Emoticons and Hand Emoticons added.

Be sure to check out Cat Emoticons, Couple Emoticons, 3D Emoticons and Girl Emoticons.

New Happy Face Emoticons For MSN Messenger.


New Animated Emoticons For MSN Messenger Version 7.0


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